Oklahoma City, OK

2 Oct

Quail Springs Mall

A mommy writes: Nice nursing room near the main bathrooms with a wooden rocker, a changing table, and chairs for young children. I especially like that you have you have to be buzzed in and there is a occupied/unoccupied lock so you can be sure of your privacy. The family restrooms are also in this area and there is a comfy louge like area for when the nursing room is full.



2 Oct

Oklahoma City Zoo
A mommy says: There is a nursing room right by the zoo friends entrance. There is only one private room and it’s right outside the security desk so if the rooms full then you have to wait on a bench unless you’re comfortable nursing 3ft away from a strange male. 🙂 The room is nice though with a wooden glider that’s more cofortable than it looks and a private bathroom.


2 Oct

Any location of Motherhood Maternity is nursing friendly. They have chairs set up throughout the store and will gladly let nursing mothers use a change room if they wish. (They have signs that say so)

Southgate Shopping Center has a nursing and playroom attached to the bathroom in the food court area. Fully equipped with tables, leather arm chairs, and foot stools.

Mill Woods Town Center has a Family room that has a nursing room attached.


2 Oct


From a mommy:  Precious Beginnings is a boutique which specializes in nursing apparel and children’s attire (up to size 6).  The store is very supportive of breastfeeding.  There is a lounge with a comfortable sofa in the store for mothers to nurse.  However if mothers wish to have privacy, there is another lounge in a sectioned off area at the back of the store.  The boutique also has a washroom with a change table which customers can use.  Mothers can just stop in to nurse their child—they don’t have to buy anything.

Anaheim, CA

2 Oct


From a mommy:  Disneyland has a really great nursing area. There is even a pumping station with an outlet and a table. The nursing area has big comfy chairs. There is also a toddler potty, changing tables, high chairs, a microwave and sink. They have items (diapers, baby food, etc) on sale if you need them.

Toronto, Ontario

2 Oct

MEC Mountain Equipment Co-op
King St & John St

A mommy writes:  They have change facilities in their regular washrooms as well as having a separate family washroom on the second floor.

They have the coolest fold down seat attached to the wall besid the toilet that you can strap baby to while you use the “facilities”.  This is the first and only place I’ve seen this “seat” and it came in handy as I didn’t have my stroller with me and would have had to either hold my daughter on my lap or put on the floor.  What a great alternative!

Typical fold down change tables but they supply the diapers!! Size 3 (I think) so they fit most babies in a pinch. 

They also have one private area to nurse/feed as well as several chairs throughout the store for those mums and babes that don’t require privacy/quiet.

Definetly a family/mum & babe friendly enviroment!!

Way to go MEC!!

California Nursing Rooms

2 Oct


Carlsbad Premium Outlet Mall

From a mommy:  the restroom near the kids’ play area has a nice mother’s lounge with cushy armchairs, magazines and a changing table.  There are also a couple “family” bathroom stalls with changing tables.