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Toronto, Ontario

2 Oct

MEC Mountain Equipment Co-op
King St & John St

A mommy writes:  They have change facilities in their regular washrooms as well as having a separate family washroom on the second floor.

They have the coolest fold down seat attached to the wall besid the toilet that you can strap baby to while you use the “facilities”.  This is the first and only place I’ve seen this “seat” and it came in handy as I didn’t have my stroller with me and would have had to either hold my daughter on my lap or put on the floor.  What a great alternative!

Typical fold down change tables but they supply the diapers!! Size 3 (I think) so they fit most babies in a pinch. 

They also have one private area to nurse/feed as well as several chairs throughout the store for those mums and babes that don’t require privacy/quiet.

Definetly a family/mum & babe friendly enviroment!!

Way to go MEC!!