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2 Oct

Cheeky Monkey

590 Oxford Street East (at Adelaide) OR 555 Wellington Rd. (b/w the Lamplighter and Commissioners)

July 30, 2009

From the owner: We do have breastfeeding rooms at both stores and often new moms can spend an hour or more at the store because of this!



2 Oct

Ikea – Plains Rd. off the QEW

* Family room just inside the front entrance * Private nursing area inside the cafeteria * Both are clean most of the time


2 Oct

SEARS (Mapleview Centre)

 Very old room located in the baby section.

  • Has 2 rocking chairs
  • Has change table
  • Has a sink
  • When I was in there nursing my daughter, every announcement over the loud speaker was ridiculously loud and it startled her every time.

    Mapleview Centre – back left of the food court located in the women’s washroom

    • Newly renovated and completed in September 2009
    • Located inside the women’s washrooms in a separate room with a door (that does not lock)
    • As you can see in the picture that I took, there are 3 chairs with a small separator between them. To be honest, the chairs don’t look very comfortable especially if you’ve got a baby that likes to nurse for a long time and you are visible to anyone who enters the room (the picture is taken from the door) but there are plugs beside each chair, which is perfect to plug in your pump.
    • There’s a small carpeted area, which I think is meant for toddlers to play on but I can’t imagine they’ll stay in that spot the whole time (you supply the toys)
    • There is a lot of counter space, a sink and a change table, which is bolted to the counter and has a spot for wipes and tissues but they were both empty

    Mapleview nursing breastfeeding room


    2 Oct

    Quinte Mall

    I found this nursing room myself and was greatful for it!  We were on a long trip and stopped for a break.  Quinte was a very busy mall as were the bathrooms.  The nursing room is completely separate with a locking door so you have privacy and quiet!  The women’s bathroom also had a chair in it so if the nursing room was being used, you could sit there.  It was very clean too!

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    Toronto, Ontario

    2 Oct

    MEC Mountain Equipment Co-op
    King St & John St

    A mommy writes:  They have change facilities in their regular washrooms as well as having a separate family washroom on the second floor.

    They have the coolest fold down seat attached to the wall besid the toilet that you can strap baby to while you use the “facilities”.  This is the first and only place I’ve seen this “seat” and it came in handy as I didn’t have my stroller with me and would have had to either hold my daughter on my lap or put on the floor.  What a great alternative!

    Typical fold down change tables but they supply the diapers!! Size 3 (I think) so they fit most babies in a pinch. 

    They also have one private area to nurse/feed as well as several chairs throughout the store for those mums and babes that don’t require privacy/quiet.

    Definetly a family/mum & babe friendly enviroment!!

    Way to go MEC!!

    Burlington Ontario Canada

    2 Oct


    COSTCO – February 2010

    When I was there recently, after our weekend shopping, my husband daughter and newborn son stopped in their eating section to have a quick lunch. It was very busy and I used my Feeder Frock but Mr. Magoo decided to pop off every two seconds (so noisy) so I was struggling with him and when we were done and heading out one of their associates stopped me and said that she didn’t want to disturb me while I was feeding Jack but the next time I was there I could use their nursing room. Nursing room? At Costco? She told me it was right beside their employee room and is not fancy but it is quiet and to just ask anyone for a key. Sounds good to me! I didn’t have a chance to check it out but if anyone has, please let me know your experience! Good job Costco!

    Comment from a mommy reader (Oct 1, 2010): They don’t specifically have a breast feeding room- you use their first aid room- it is quite small and doesn’t allow room for the buggy so you had to leave it outside the room but it is clean and private

    Ontario Nursing Rooms

    23 Sep


    In The Pouch
    August 4, 2009

    From Maureen at In The Pouch: We are a boutique style store, which sells both maternity and nursing apparel. Although we do not have an area large enough to section off as a nursing/family room, we absolutely support mothers that nurse, and they are more than welcome to do so while in the store. We have a comfortable chair at the back of the store, and although it is not private, many woman have used this area to nurse. If they wish to have more privacy, we also have two change rooms, each with a padded seat, where they can sit with their babies. Our store also has a washroom, with a change table that customers are welcome to use.

    Mom & Baby Boutique
    August 4, 2009

    From Erin at Mom & Baby: We are very supportive of breastfeeding in my store – I am a La Leche League leader! We have comfortable chairs that are available to moms to nurse their babies in a private area. We also encourage moms to nurse their baby where ever they want to in our store. Many times a baby is getting upset while mom is shopping and we will encourage the mom to nurses their baby.