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Oklahoma City, OK

2 Oct

Quail Springs Mall

A mommy writes: Nice nursing room near the main bathrooms with a wooden rocker, a changing table, and chairs for young children. I especially like that you have you have to be buzzed in and there is a occupied/unoccupied lock so you can be sure of your privacy. The family restrooms are also in this area and there is a comfy louge like area for when the nursing room is full.



2 Oct

Oklahoma City Zoo
A mommy says: There is a nursing room right by the zoo friends entrance. There is only one private room and it’s right outside the security desk so if the rooms full then you have to wait on a bench unless you’re comfortable nursing 3ft away from a strange male. 🙂 The room is nice though with a wooden glider that’s more cofortable than it looks and a private bathroom.