2 Oct

SEARS (Mapleview Centre)

 Very old room located in the baby section.

  • Has 2 rocking chairs
  • Has change table
  • Has a sink
  • When I was in there nursing my daughter, every announcement over the loud speaker was ridiculously loud and it startled her every time.

    Mapleview Centre – back left of the food court located in the women’s washroom

    • Newly renovated and completed in September 2009
    • Located inside the women’s washrooms in a separate room with a door (that does not lock)
    • As you can see in the picture that I took, there are 3 chairs with a small separator between them. To be honest, the chairs don’t look very comfortable especially if you’ve got a baby that likes to nurse for a long time and you are visible to anyone who enters the room (the picture is taken from the door) but there are plugs beside each chair, which is perfect to plug in your pump.
    • There’s a small carpeted area, which I think is meant for toddlers to play on but I can’t imagine they’ll stay in that spot the whole time (you supply the toys)
    • There is a lot of counter space, a sink and a change table, which is bolted to the counter and has a spot for wipes and tissues but they were both empty

    Mapleview nursing breastfeeding room


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