Burlington Ontario Canada

2 Oct


COSTCO – February 2010

When I was there recently, after our weekend shopping, my husband daughter and newborn son stopped in their eating section to have a quick lunch. It was very busy and I used my Feeder Frock but Mr. Magoo decided to pop off every two seconds (so noisy) so I was struggling with him and when we were done and heading out one of their associates stopped me and said that she didn’t want to disturb me while I was feeding Jack but the next time I was there I could use their nursing room. Nursing room? At Costco? She told me it was right beside their employee room and is not fancy but it is quiet and to just ask anyone for a key. Sounds good to me! I didn’t have a chance to check it out but if anyone has, please let me know your experience! Good job Costco!

Comment from a mommy reader (Oct 1, 2010): They don’t specifically have a breast feeding room- you use their first aid room- it is quite small and doesn’t allow room for the buggy so you had to leave it outside the room but it is clean and private


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