Airport Nursing Rooms

2 Oct

Even nursing moms need to travel so weather you’re taking the baby with you or not to the airport, you’ll want to find a nice clean place to breastfeed or pump.

Here you’ll find a list of airports around the world that have nursing rooms (this will be a work in progress for a while, there’s a lot of them!). Hopefully we’ll have the one that you’ll be visiting and will let you know where you’re welcome to nurse your baby or find a private outlet for your pump.

If you have visited one that we don’t have listed, please don’t hesitate to let us know!

Before you travel, find out rights and laws at your destination!

Trudeau Airport, Montréal, Quebec
Located on the 2nd floor of the public area and equipped with a microwave and sink.


United States
Albany International Airport – New York
They have a “Nursing Mother’s Lounge” which consists of two chairs located inside a woman’s restroom.


Billings Logan International Airport, Montana

Please note: This information is from 2006 and is no longer availabe on their website – One is located prior to the security screening checkpoint on the lower level adjacent to the women’s restroom. The other is conveniently positioned for those passengers who have already completed the screening near the end of Concourse B. Each is equipped with a changing table, sofa, glider rocker, and privacy locks.


Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport

June 1, 2010 From a H-JAIA Customer Service Rep: The Atlanta Airport does not have nursing rooms. We do have co-ed family restrooms where you can go in an lock the door without being disturbed. The family restrooms are located at the following Concourses and gates: T-4; T-8; A-8; A-27; B-9; B-22; B-29; C-11; C-19; C-43; D-4 and D-32. __________________________________

Indianapolis Airport

March 15, 2010, Indianapolis Airport issued a press release stating the opening of “Private rooms for nursing mothers” is now open!


Minneapolis-St.Paul International Airport

This aiport issued a press release announcing that they are “Catering to Nursing Mothers”


Seattle Sea-Tac (Seatac) Airport

From their website: There is a nursing room next to the children’s play area


San Francisco International Airport (SFO)

June 10, 2010 A mommy says: San Francisco International Airport (SFO) has nursing rooms in every terminal. The sign on the door says “Nursery,” which threw me off because I thought it was a play area for young kids, but it is a lactation room with a recliner, outlet (for pumping), sink and even a nursing stool! Mommies just have to pick up the courtesy phone next to the door, and they will unlock it for you.

I checked their website and the nursing rooms (nursery as they call it) are all listed. When on their site, click on the interactive map and when that comes up, click on services on the left and a list will pop up. Then click on nurseries and you’ll see them pop up on the map.


Beijing Capital International Airport

May 28, 2010

From their website: The Nursing Room provides private space for mothers to change diaper, feed their infants or take temporary rest. The room is equipped with infant care tables, basins, chairs and other facilities, where mothers can take care of their babies comfortably. The room also provides simple amusement facilities for children.

Serve Locations

Terminal 1: West Satellite Hall in Departure Quarantine Area on Floor 2

Terminal 2: Installed in some restrooms

Terminal 3: Near most restrooms


China Nanjing Lukou International Airport

Nursing Room: Apart from the baby-nursing necessities, the nursing room also provides books and toys for the needs of children of different ages. It is located at the Departures Domestic Concourse.


Hong Kong International Airport

From their website: Parents with tiny tots can freshen up in the airport’s well-appointed nursing rooms. 31 nursery rooms, equipped with changing and feeding facilities, are located throughout the terminals and SkyPier – 19 in Terminal 1, five in Terminal 2, five in North Satellite Concourse and two at SkyPier.


Singapore Changi Airport

You can find these on the airport’s interactive map

Terminal 1:

•Near gate holdroom C24 at Transit Mall West, Level 2
•Near gate holdroom D36 at Transit Mall East, Level 2
•Next to Delifrance Restaurant at Arrival Hall West, Public Area, Level 1

Terminal 2:

•Near gate holdroom E1 at Transit Mall North, Level 2
•Behind Sunglass Hut at Transit Mall South, Level 2
•Near Check-in Row 7, Departure Hall Central, Public Area, Level 2

Terminal 3:

•Next to Cheers Minimart at Arrival Hall Central, Level 1
•Near Check-in Row 6, Departure Hall Central, Level 2
•At both sides of Departure Immigration Central, Level 2
•Next to Wang Café, Departure Hall North, Level 2
•Next to Harry Straits Bar at Transit Mall North, Level 2
•Behind FIFA shop at Transit Mall North, Level 2
•Next to gate holdroom B1 – B4 at Transit Mall North, Level 2
•Inside gate holdroom B1 – B4 at Transit Mall North, Level 2
•Next to gate holdroom B9 at Transit North Pier, Level 2
•Next to Tiger Champion Bar at Transit Mall South, Level 2
•Behind Sunglass Hut at Transit Mall South, Level 2
•Next to gate holdroom A1 – A8 at Transit Mall South, Level 2
•Inside gate holdroom A1 – A8 at Transit Mall South, Level 2
•Next to gate hold room A21 at Transit Mall South Pier, Level 2
•Outside gate holdroom A16 – A20 at Transit Mall South, Level 2
•Inside gate holdroom A16 – A20 at Transit Mall South, Level 2


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