Ontario Nursing Rooms

23 Sep


In The Pouch
August 4, 2009

From Maureen at In The Pouch: We are a boutique style store, which sells both maternity and nursing apparel. Although we do not have an area large enough to section off as a nursing/family room, we absolutely support mothers that nurse, and they are more than welcome to do so while in the store. We have a comfortable chair at the back of the store, and although it is not private, many woman have used this area to nurse. If they wish to have more privacy, we also have two change rooms, each with a padded seat, where they can sit with their babies. Our store also has a washroom, with a change table that customers are welcome to use.

Mom & Baby Boutique
August 4, 2009

From Erin at Mom & Baby: We are very supportive of breastfeeding in my store – I am a La Leche League leader! We have comfortable chairs that are available to moms to nurse their babies in a private area. We also encourage moms to nurse their baby where ever they want to in our store. Many times a baby is getting upset while mom is shopping and we will encourage the mom to nurses their baby.


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