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Ontario Nursing Rooms

23 Sep


In The Pouch
August 4, 2009

From Maureen at In The Pouch: We are a boutique style store, which sells both maternity and nursing apparel. Although we do not have an area large enough to section off as a nursing/family room, we absolutely support mothers that nurse, and they are more than welcome to do so while in the store. We have a comfortable chair at the back of the store, and although it is not private, many woman have used this area to nurse. If they wish to have more privacy, we also have two change rooms, each with a padded seat, where they can sit with their babies. Our store also has a washroom, with a change table that customers are welcome to use.

Mom & Baby Boutique
August 4, 2009

From Erin at Mom & Baby: We are very supportive of breastfeeding in my store – I am a La Leche League leader! We have comfortable chairs that are available to moms to nurse their babies in a private area. We also encourage moms to nurse their baby where ever they want to in our store. Many times a baby is getting upset while mom is shopping and we will encourage the mom to nurses their baby.


Alberta Nursing Rooms

23 Sep


Market Mall

3625 Shaganappi Trail NW Calgary, AB T3A 0E2

From their website: A beautiful new Mother’s Room is available in the women’s washroom in the food court; complete with microwave and comfortable seating. One private Nursing Room are also located in the hallway next to HMV, each equipped with a private key; available for sign-out at the Guest Services Centre. The private room include a microwave, sink, baby change area, comfortable chairs for nursing, complimentary diapers and wipes. Baby change tables are located in all men and ladies’ washrooms.


Holt Renfrew

August 6, 2009

From Holt’s Operations Manager: Although our store is not equipped with designated nursing rooms, we do have an attached sitting area in our ladies public bathroom. Mothers have used it in the past to breastfeed and/or change their babies. There are stools, a long counter and a large mirror.

May 20, 2010
Kingsway Mall, Edmonton, Alberta

From a mommy: There is a really nice Mother’s room at the Kingsway mall. It is located upstairs near The Bay. This room has a red leather couch and 2 leather armchairs. It is clean and quiet. There is a change table and a sink as well.

West Edmonton Mall

* “Mothers Room” located by the Cineplex theatre

* “Mothers Room” located by the Galaxyland Amusement Park

* “Mothers Room” located in section D

“Formula feeding is the longest lasting uncontrolled experiment lacking informed consent in the history of medicine.”
~ Frank Oski, M.D., retired editor, Journal of Pediatrics


23 Sep

This is to help moms to find nursing rooms in stores, restaurants, amusement parks or any place that is known to welcome you with open arms and for moms who have already experienced a baby care room to share their favorite areas and we will add them to the list.

We will try to give you the most details about each location. Are there comfy chairs? Change table? Is it air conditioned? Some babies get distracted easily so quiet would be essential.

Trying to find private area to pump or feed your baby is a challenge but they are out there! More and more establishments are becoming well aware of the increasing number of mothers choosing to nurse their children and weather or not they support the idea, they want you in their store so they’ll make you as comfortable as possible, let’s take advantage of it.
Breastfeeding your baby is a very natural thing to do, however many guys and porno magazines will tell you different but let’s face it, that’s what they’re there for… your baby! However natural it is, for most moms it causes a lot of anxiety and stress. It is important for mommy and baby to get out once in a while and it is inevitable that baby will eventually get hungry. Moms that spend time away from their baby will also need a quiet place to pump, which is just as important too.

Come back often as there will be new places added all the time and if you know a new mom, please feel free to invite her to this site so she can get out there and show off her beautiful baby. The more women educate themselves and feel comfortable and empowered (I love that word, the longer the nursing relationship will be and that is healthy for mother and child. Click on the links below to find breastfeeding friendly places or a mother room near you. If you can’t seem to find any in your area, either I haven’t found any or no one has submitted one… YET!

If you have a favorite place that you’d like to share, please do so! Simply fill in the form at the bottom of the page, we’d love to hear from you.

Keep any eye out for new “Tweets” as I will let you know when I add new nursing rooms!

Rights and Laws

23 Sep

By knowing the laws and your rights as a breastfeeding mother, you will feel much more empowered and comfortable nursing your baby in a public place.

Many States & Provinces have laws set in place to protect you from ignorant people who may ask you to move to a more “discreet” place or to leave all together.

Please don’t misunderstand this and let it scare you because (thankfully) most of the time, nobody will even glance in your direction. But as a mother, you have the right to breast-feed your baby anywhere, anytime. Find the laws in your area so you know what you are doing is not just the right thing for you and your little one for a healthy future but because your government says it is right.

I have compiled a list of rights and laws from Canada & the United States. Please take a look to see if your area is included.

Print the rights and laws in your area and keep it with you for that day that you may need it. Remember: If you stand up for yourself, you’ll be standing up for all future nursing mommies.


British Columbia


New Zealand
The Human Rights Commission

United States
50 States Summary of Breastfeeding Laws

A woman’s life isn’t worth a plateful of cabbage if she hasn’t felt life stir under her heart. Taking a little one to nurse, watching him grow to manhood, that’s what love is.
~Carol Shields, The Stone Diaries

Welcome to Breastfeeding Anywhere

23 Sep

Welcome to Breastfeeding! We are a fresh new site and are adding information daily so come back often and see what’s new!

Breastfeeding your baby is one of the most rewarding experiences only a mother is capable of experiencing. Unfortunately, most relationships are cut short simply because the mother isn’t comfortable nursing her baby anywhere but in the privacy of her own home. And let’s face it, wouldn’t you like to go out and show off your beautiful baby to the world?

When the word “public” is used, many think of a shopping center or work but it can be as simple as visiting friends or relatives. Quite a number of new moms feel awkward to feed her baby in front of family.

This site is designed to help and is full of how to… what to do when… what to use… and where to go to keep the most beautiful relationship alive with grace and confidence and support.

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